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What sets Lotawata Creek apart from other restaurants.

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  • The Lotawata Creek Southern Grill, located in Fairview Heights, Illinois, is a renowned dining destination that takes pride in its status as a popular choice among the local community, often voted as the #1 restaurant by local newspapers. They are particularly known for serving over 500,000 customers annually.
  • The restaurant’s menu is celebrated for its variety and quality, featuring items like their fresh cut steaks prepared daily in-house from Iowa corn-fed USDA aged beef, and giant fresh ground 10 oz burgers, which have been voted the best in town. A highlight of their menu is the emphasis on freshness and quality, with all breaded appetizers and dinners being hand-breaded to order. Their commitment to making food from scratch, including their hamburger and sandwich buns, adds a unique touch to their offerings.
  • Lotawata Creek’s ambiance is complemented by a team of friendly and welcoming staff, emphasizing their motto, “A Lota Nice People Serving A Lota Food.” The restaurant also makes a point of their commitment to accessibility, offering various features on their website for easier navigation and interaction.

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Over 500,000 people yearly enjoy our food

We are the peoples' choice, voted #1 restaurant by the local newspapers.

Fresh Baked

Fresh baked giant hamburger and sandwich buns, baked in our own bakery from scratch.

Food Made to Order

All of our breaded appetizers and dinners are hand breaded to order. Our motto is we don't bread it until you order it.



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