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About Lotawata Creek … Southern Grill

Frequently asked questions:
Do you take reservations?

No, sorry we do not.

Do you have daily specials?

Yes, we offer daily and lunch specials Monday thru Friday.

Do you have drink specials?

Yes, we offer drink specials Sunday thru Thursday.

Do you have lunch carry out orders?

Yes, we offer “To Go Orders”. Just call (618) 628-7373 from Illinois or (314) 621-4899 from Missouri.

Is there an additional charge for lunch carry out orders?

To Go Orders under $5.49 will have a 75 cents to go charge added.

Do you have a smoking and a non smoking area?

No, we follow Illinois law with regards to no-smoking in public areas.

Are you handicap accessible?


Do you have any other locations?

No, Fairview Heights, Illinois is the location for Lotawata Creek.

How did you come up with the name?

Lotawata Creek is owned by two brothers. They lived in Oklahoma as children, and their father would take them fishing at a small creek. To get to the creek they would travel down a road called Lotawata Road. Years later when they were starting a new restaurant they decided to name it Lotawata Creek and use a hunting and fishing motif.

Do you bar service?

We serve Beer, Wine and some Specialty Drinks.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours vary from day-to-day. Please see daily hours in the Hours area.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

Can I call ahead to find out how long the wait is?

Yes. We would be glad to give you the wait time. Please remember that all wait times are estimates and can change.

Do you take Personal Checks?


Do you take Traveler Checks?


Do you take large groups?

Yes, for groups over twelve, please call and talk to one of our managers for assistance. There is only a few peak periods during the week that we cannot handle large parties over twelve.

Over 500,000 people yearly enjoy our food

We are the peoples’ choice, voted #1 restaurant by the local newspapers.

Fresh Baked

Fresh baked giant hamburger and sandwich buns, baked in our own bakery from scratch.

Food Made to Order

All of our breaded appetizers and dinners are hand breaded to order. Our motto is we don’t bread it until you order it.



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